German Engineering & Design brought a complete new approach to Desktop-Computing into life: MODINICE® M1 combines 'Apple-like' All-in-One design with up to two (!) monitors of your choice. This is important as a graphic designer has e.g. much higher requirements for his two monitors than a call center worker for his smaller one. The new model 'M1' shows many "never-seen-before-features" and finally fulfills the practical requirements of millions of office workers: no tangled cables anymore, mainly passive and noiseless cooling, higher MTBF, running MS Windows, plus innovative features like wireless charging for your smartphone. Through this device, MODINICE is revolutionizing the multi-billion Dollar market for office computers.






Simple Service
Affordable Upgrading

Usually Passive and Noiseless Cooling

No Cable Spagetthi
One Hybrid Cable for Power & LAN

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